Magnet Contest - Auto Magnet Care

Jun 12 • 2 minute read


                 Auto Magnet Care

  •  Before applying your magnetic car sign, carefully clean and dry the 
    surface of the vehicle. 
  • This will keep the magnet from flying off the car or shifting.
    Be sure to place the signs in smooth places that do not have ridges, 
    dents or rust spots so that the magnetic signs lay flat.
  • Allow the magnetic sign to pull itself and attach securely to the metal.
  • Due to the heat magnets can absorb, we suggest repositioning/removing
    the magnet in the shade or during the cooler evening hours.
  • If you decide you need to reposition the magnet, 
    carefully remove the magnet by pulling  it off completely and 
    reattaching it in the desired place. Dragging the magnet across the
    surface can damage the sign or the surface of your vehicle.
  • Before going through a car wash we recommend removing the magnet
    so that it doesn't get  forcibly removed or dragged during the cleaning
  • Cleaning your car magnets on a regular basis will keep them looking
    attractive and new.
  • Use a wet paper towel to clean the surface. After cleaning make sure 
    to dry the magnet completely before placing it back on the vehicle.
  • Should the magnet seem to be stuck heat will make the magnet easier to 
    remove, Using a hairdryer or hot water and a towel. 


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