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Be off to a great start. Learn and Earn now with Smileland Dental, the right practice setting for the right associateship experience!

Learn from an innovator and leader in Children's Dentistry and Discover why over 95% of our Associates prefer children's dentistry over any other type of dentistry.

"I would have been a better dentist and reach my financial goals much faster if I had started in children's dentistry." 

(S. Andy Oh, DMD, President)



Earn above $220,000 per year now! 
Our generous compensation package and earning potentials will help you gain financial freedom and security faster.  




 It's not about how many CE's you take 

Technique and skills in dentistry are best developed in the RIGHT PRACTICE SETTING


 Supportive Culture: Receive support and mentorship as you seek to "Improve Lives through Patient First Dentistry".  Our exceptional staff are focused on supporting and assisting our Associates. Our busy, 8-12 chair facilities are staffed with 3 to 5 doctors at any given day; allowing for distribution of responsibilities, collaboration and support from experienced associates.  Receive mentorship from the owner dentist whose honesty and "Patient first" approach to dentistry allows for an enhanced professional development.

 Integrity: From top down, start to finish, we are committed to integrity in our practice of dentistry. We are committed to honesty, reliability and professionalism as we engage one another, our patients and our vendor partners in keeping with our mission, goals and values. 

 Proven Success: An innovator and leader in children's dentistry for 16 years, our patients have rewarded us with a 95% Recall Rate, 70% Growth by Friends and Family Referrals and measurable improvement of the community's oral health. We have had proven success in our associateship of New Grads, as we have seen our Associates become highly skilled and specialized within our practice and successful in establishing their own solo practices.

  Patient Pool: Our extensive, consistent patient pool allows our associates to practice need based dentistry without the burden and stress of an uncertain schedule.  Our excellent recall rate and reliable patient pool allows you to encounter diversity of cases, plenty of opportunities to practice and develop your skills and learn from a reliable followup patient base.  Our ample patient supply will help you grow and be productive!

  Compensation: Financial stress can limit the joy of associateship.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, our compensation packages coupled with our unique practice setting enables you to achieve financial freedom and pursue your passion. 

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