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Why spend the next 2 years in a pediatric residency or elsewhere? Learn and Earn now with Smileland Dental, the right practice setting for the right associateship experience!

Learn from an innovator and leader in Children's Dentistry and Discover why over 95% of our Associates prefer children's dentistry over any other type of dentistry.

"I would have been a better dentist and reach my financial goals much faster if I had started in children's dentistry." 

(S. Andy Oh, DMD, President)




Earn above $220,000 per year now! 
Our generous compensation package and earning potentials will help you gain financial freedom and security faster.  




 It's not about how many CE's you take.

Technique and skills in dentistry are best developed in the right practice setting:



  Culture: Work side by side with highly experienced dentists in a private practice setting who will be able to provide daily, on site encouragement, coaching and support, and benefit from the supportive mentorship of the owner dentist, who not only understands, but also shares in your professional concerns, experience and aspirations. 
   Patient Pool: Our Extensive, consistent patient pool allows our associates to practice need based dentistry, providing opportunities to learn and develop dental skills in a friendly, uncompromising and team oriented setting.
Proven Success: An innovator and leader in children's dentistry for over 20 years, 95% of our Associates pursue dentistry modeled after our practice.    Compensation: Financial Stress can limit the joy of associateship. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, our compensation packages seek to enable you to be free from financial concerns so you can focus on your growth and career
 Expertise: Smarter and rewarding practice settings that effectively build core, fundamental skills and techniques essential for any field of dentistry. 

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