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At Smileland Dental, our mission is "to see children's lives flourish through quality, accessible dental care."

We are committed to improving the quality of life of children, especially in the under-served areas, by striving to provide the best dental care, expertise, resources, facility, technology and equipment as well as developing our partnerships with parents, educators and industry leaders.

We believe that good oral health plays a crucial role in a child's quality of life - in their overall physical health, well being, self esteem and success growing up and as adults.  Through good oral health, primary teeth, also known as "baby teeth", provides the necessary spaces for adult teeth to grow out in a straight, healthy way, ensuring healthy adult teeth that can function properly in chewing and speech.  Poor oral health often leads to tooth decay, which leads to infections and often leads to visits to the emergency room.  "Severe tooth decay can make children sick. Kids with tooth decay are prone to repeated infections in their ears, their sinuses, and other parts of their bodies because their infected teeth are continually pouring pathogens into their systems. And even their physicians can fail to notice where the infection ultimately is coming from" (David Perry, DDS). Poor oral health leads to pain, infections, nutrition problems, tooth loss, sleep deprivation, attention deficit, slower social development and missed school days. Children also become embarrassed and suffer low self esteem and confidence because of decaying teeth.  Recent studies also show that children with poor oral health were four times more likely to get below the median GPA due to higher number of missed days, distraction due to pain and attention deficit due to sleep deprivation.  

If untreated, poor oral health can seriously undermine a child's quality of life and future.

At Smileland Dental, we are committed to battling the number one health disease in the nation and set our children on a path towards a healthy, successful and happy life. 

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